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About the Author

Dr. Lori Kall

“He grew up before him like a tender shoot and like a root out of dry ground. He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him.”
Hebrews 53:2

The Pabulum Story

Jesus faced so many challenges and unbearable difficulties all around him, so many not caring about his well-being, even willfully planning for his demise. Somehow, Jesus grew up strong and resilient in a place dry and lacking sustenance. Who was his sustenance? God.


When things get tough for us, and they will, remember that it may feel dry all around you and feel like you lack the support and provisions needed to thrive. Your sustenance is God and Jesus Christ, His Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Pabulum is defined as any form of food or sustenance, both literally and figuratively, that supports growth or development. This word has been with me, ever-present, in the last six years here at PLNU, and now has taken on a more active role in this project. A second definition is material that provides intellectual nourishment or sustenance and perfectly fits this project.

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